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Letter From Kalan

Since no one's put it up here, I'll post it for you!


Letter From Kalan; as submitted to the family fan club.

Hey Everybody,

Sorry I haven't written in a while. It just seems like time is passing so quickly. I can't believe its only two months until Christmas. The last three or four months have been insane. By the middle of September I was feeling ready to finish up the tour and hit the writing hard. Touring was great and was definitely the highlight of this whole thing to date.

I have to thank all of you for supporting our shows. I was worried that once the hype of the TV show wore off the crowd turnout might suffer, but right throughout the summer we were setting attendance records. Performing for a huge crowd that really gets into it is a musicians dream and you guys were awesome when it came to that. I'll miss seeing all the familiar faces in the front couple of rows.

Writing is going well. It took a while to really get into the groove. It was tough because not only am I trying to write great songs, but also develop a unified sound for the album. It's the first question everyone asks, "What is this album going to sound like?" I'm still figuring it out but I think I'm getting closer to knowing. I think the nerves and fear I had are slowly turning into excitement and anticipation. I think.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I went home for a much needed break. My week home wasn't all that relaxing though. We had two Thanksgiving dinners, one with each side of the family, a total of 42 relatives (8 under the age of 10). It was a bit of a zoo. It's funny though- as I get older I find myself oddly enjoying time spent with family. It's strange- the longer and farther I am from home the less weird and annoying my family is becoming-looks like they're finally coming around.

I especially enjoyed my time on the ranch this trip home. I hadn't been back since last Christmas and it was so great to sleep in my own bed. I think this time I finally noticed something about the ranch and my family that I took for granted while growing up. There is something in those hills, something in the quiet starry black nights, in seeing the buffalo grazing in the sunset. Something about the pride in my grandparent's eyes as they stood at the gate, waving goodbye, as we all return to our busy lives. I was overwhelmed by the beauty and the simplicity of the life I was raised in. You can't grow up there and not believe in God (must be a song in there somewhere).

I also got my fill of turkey and can now return to my daily rations of Kraft dinner and Ichiban. I considered getting out the Tupperware and taking home an extra suitcase full of leftovers but decided last minute that pumpkin pie might not fare that well on the luggage carousel.

Anyways now back in Toronto, post-tour life has returned to normal-
somewhat. Toronto is feeling more and more like home all the time. Lately, when I'm not writing, I have been reading a lot, going out, meeting people in TO, and slowly regaining my sanity. My friend and I spent a couple days this summer IKEAifying my apartment which really helped.

I have also had some more time to enjoy my new vehicle, which was sort of my big splurge after the show. As it gets cooler out I am slowly regretting buying a vehicle before checking the height restriction on the downstairs lot. Parking a block away might not sound that bad but in the winter it could be a little rough. It makes it all worth it though if I remember I will never have to take another cab.

It was also great to be back on Idol for the finale. Thanks to everybody who came out. The highlight for me was definitely seeing all the crew and friends from last year. The highlight for Dad was meeting Miss Universe. He put the picture he took with her on our fridge and brags to everyone that stops by. "Hey wanna see a cool picture?"

Well. I should probably get back to staring at blank paper. Before I do though, I wanted to take some time for thank-yous. Someday I am going to buy a couple thousand cards and send them to you all but until I do please accept my extreme appreciation for all of your hard work, thoughtfulness, and support. From the flowers to the crosses, quilts, jackets, photos, watches, paintings/drawings, letters, scrapbooks (some that weigh more than me), and the incredible donation to breast cancer in my name- thank you for your generosity and kindness. I have trouble buying presents for my sisters at Christmas let alone someone I've only just met.

Throughout this year I have met so many genuine, selfless, loving, caring individuals. Regardless of how depressing the state of the world is today, meeting all of you has really given me a new faith in people. I feel like I have this amazing extended family behind me, supporting and believing in my career. For that I want to thank you all.

OH! Mom wanted me to thank all those who sent pictures/photo albums to her and my dad. She is always nagging me to take pictures to have when I'm older-doesn't seem like a priority now- so she is extremely grateful.

Anyways have a great fall. I will try not to stay away so long. This may be my last letter as a teenager though. I will try to keep you informed on the progress of the record.

Thanks again. See ya soon,


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