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Kalan Porter

A true Canadian talent

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ABOUT: Kalan Porter. 19. Winner of Canadian Idol 2. Classically trained on the violin and viola. Originally from Medicine Hat, Alberta. A little shy and sad of eye. (But very wise was he.)

001. Stay on topic. This is a Kalan Porter community so keep the posts about Kalan. Do not make an entire post about what you think Kalan's sexuality is. It's his business, not ours. And clearly we all may have our own opinions on that, but keep in mind we all have different viewpoints. (Basically, keep the asking/stating to a minimum unless it's in a post that isn't entirely about that. Don't have it be the main topic of your post. And please keep all gossip to a minimum.)
002. Please use a lj-cut if you're posting multiple pictures or a picture that is larger in size. (Use your own judgement. If it's big enough to screw up someone's layout, chances are they'll ask you to cut it anyways.)
003. Please do not direct link anything. This includes photos, videos and audio clips. Upload it to your own server before posting. (Check out ImageShack, Photobucket and YouSendIt.)
004. It would be really helpful if when you post that you type something literate. If you say something like OMG KaLaN iZ SooooOOOo haWT!!1! IZ he sIngAL?!?! chances are you won't be taken seriously. Remember, English is your friend.
005. If you came to promote a community that is not Idol-related, your post will be deleted. No question. Advertising is just annoying. (Especially if it's for some sort of rating community. Rarrr.)
006. Be nice! Let's make this pleasant for everyone, okay? Don't attack other members - flaming is definitely not cool. Keep in mind that there are people here with a variety of opinions and beliefs, so respect that and try to keep an open mind. (So basically: save the drama for your mama!)


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