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Folk Fest-Day Four--My Kalan Adventure!

Well this is my account, it’s very detailed and has a lot of info that’s not actually necessary but I’m putting it in here anyways because I want to lol So too bad! Excuse all mistakes and spelling errors this is my 6th time writing it. After my comp kept messing up and deleting it all! Here it goes....

I wake up at 7am and prepare for a long day. I get my outfit ready and a change of clothes( I don’t want to spend another 25$ on a t-shirt because I’m too hot again). So anyways, I get my pass and everything else I needed to look semi great and prepared for the day and then leave the house for the bus stop, but not before I grab a granola bar (which I never ate lol)


As I leave my driveway I noticed the very dark clouds above me and hope it doesn’t storm today. Only half the sky was covered so I thought I would have some luck but then I as I rounded the corner and came into view of the stop, it started to pour like a mad cow! So being a wimp (lol) I ran to the shelter at the stop and waited for my bus lol During my wait I did my make-up, as i looked like crap that morning, and then I sat there and listened to my mp3 player. Then about half an hour later as Blame it on the Weatherman came on, the rain ironically stopped and my bus pulled in lol.


1 hour and 20 minutes later….


I arrive at Britannia Park feeling slightly ill from the bus ride and go to the volunteer check in to see Karla (Volunteer Coordinator) and ask for some ginger ale. I get it from the back, drink it and feel better lol.


So anyways after I make sure I look presentable and ready to go I head outside and notice the line up at the gates and laugh. No matter what we get front row so I find this funny. I make my way up the line and meet Jess (Sweet_One) and her mum, we chat a bit and then I head to the CD tent to drop my stuff off, I casually walk through the entrance (earning some glares from people) and smile as I make my way to the Disco Tent. I get to the door and find no one there so I return to Jess and talk a bit more with her and some others as I wait. It isn’t long after when I see Connor (staffer and friend) walk to the gates and he tells me to come on over to the tent to chillax with him. So I do and hang out with Connor (whom I should point out is very cute and awesome), we talk about small shit towns and other things until Lori comes and brings me coffee!! YAY! I love Lori, she is the best boss ever lol. After that I decided to head over to the main building to check out what’s going on up in there. So I lead myself over there (with my coffee) and snoop about. What did I find you ask? Well I found Kalan’s Dressing room, I did lol! I was so stunned that I went back to Jess and brought her back with me to see (she took a pic of it and so did I lol). She returned to the line and I continued on with stupid things like wandering and being bored lol.


Finally it was almost time for the gates to open so I come back from the tent and take Jess and her mum’s chairs and bring them with me to the stage where I set them up just in time before all the fans come rushing in. lol


So after we all get settled in, I decided to head back to work until a bit before the afternoon workshop starts, myself, Caitlin and Amanda all have to work so Jess was going to watch our chairs until we returned. Now this is where it get slightly better. lol So I go back to the CD where my dear boss Lori is waiting and she immediately puts me on watch and wander (how fun, *rolls eyes*). So I’m sitting out back of the tent and I’m chillaxin with Adam when this hot-ish guy comes round with these boxes and stuff. So I go into professional mode since Adam is just sitting there sleeping lol  I ask the guy his name and he says its Kevin, I nod and look for the Artist binder to track the merch. I ask him whose merch he was bringing and what does he say?


“Kalan Porter’s Merchandise. There’s more coming too.”


Of course I just stop what I’m doing and stare stupidly for a second,


“Ahh ok, well hold one minute okay?” He nods and I go into the tent and call for Lori. See, I can deal with small stuff but Kalan’s merch is far from small…lol


So after Lori comes to receive it all and a lot of boring meeting stuff goes on , I then have to head to the main building for my water break. So I go there and go into the green room (this is where all the artists hang out but that’s a different story on how I got in there lol). I meet up with Tommy Jo Banjo who is so wicked fun to hang with and talk to and we take a small walk to get my water and all that lol. We talk about the concert tonight and he says he’d be going and we chat about random stuff when I see a clock that says I had been gone for like 30 minutes, this is bad as I was only supposed to be like 5-10minutes lol. So I tell him sorry and rush off. Now you have to understand that I am fairly knowledgeable on the main building, and I thought the door I was about to take was going to lead to the loading docks… well I was really wrong. Because as I opened the door I saw a nice living area room, It was simple but nice and homey. I was confused and looked at the door, where a sign was placed…what did it say you ask?


“Kalan Porter—No Access”


That’s right folks, I unknowingly walked into Kalan’s dressing room. Well as I’m sure you can imagine I was pretty stunned and glad no one was in there. Lol I slowly backed out of the room, shut the door and ran off.


I’m heading to the tent again when I see Kevin and decided to help him out with the rest of the Kalan merch, he goes off back to the rest and I take the load he had and continued on my way to the tent. Well, I guess people assumed I was on tour with Kalan, bringing his merch and having his last name because a bunch of girl saw me and bombarded me with questions. I was slightly spooked. Thank god my security guard friend Tony saw this and led me away safely through the backstage/green room area to my tent. This happened a few more times though even though I said no. Damn people get a hint! Sheesh, I experienced a glimpse into Kalan;s everyday life that day…




It is now Workshop time and I’m sitting in the crowd with Amanda, Caitlin, Jess and her Mum. (I skipped a bit in between cuz it’s pretty useless, but then again so is the entire first page of this lol)


Anyways, Finally they come out one by one and everyone is excited. Then screams pierce my ears as Kalan, adorned in a light blue dress shirt and jeans, enters the stage and smiles at his fans. I waste no time taking a picture of our wonderful K-Man and as I do so he looks over in my direction, smiles and waves at me. Well I’ll be dammed if I could think clearly for five minutes after that, cuz I was stunned. How did he know to look there and why did he choose to wave at me?


Jess and her mum are looking at me smiling and I am probably red and gawking. Everyone who saw was looking at me and being shy I ducked down in my seat and hid lol.


The performance was great, Anne Lindsay did fantastic as did Natalie. Kalan did an amazing job, in fact the park seemed very silent during the entire play of Nature Boy. Could we blame them? I mean he was stunning!


After all that wonderful stuff (the bee about his head incident was so cute lol Jess: I wish that bee would come over here lol) So then Kalan was gone L and we all had to sit back in our chairs and wait about until his night show. We watched Painting Daisies, The Original Sloth Band, Wailing Jennys and the Arrogant Worms. During these concerts, after I had gone to get some Kalan merch, someone had placed themselves in front of my seat, and so I was VERY cramped up and uncomfortable. But by the time Kalan came on and the chairs were put up, everyone was standing and i was way far away from her somehow. But anyways, So we are all waiting for Kalan to come on during the everlasting stage set up and sound check (without Kalan, Derek and the others.), girls are chanting, screaming(in my ear sadly) and getting very excited for our K-Man to show himself.

Its about half an hour until finally they are ready and Jeremy comes on stage to serenade us. He did wonderfully and made a slightly bigger fan out of me. He was wonderful and during Shooting Star he really got the crowd involved at the end by yelling ‘In Spite Of It All’ and it sounded wonderful!


So Jeremy thx the crowd and leaves (sadly), and then we all must wait patiently again for Kalan to come out on stage. Lol I think some girls were getting rather impatient, but you shouldn’t really. It won’t get him out there any faster; you have to save the best for last after all lol

Any who, we didn’t have to wait to long this time because then the Emcee comes on and introduces Kalan and she leaves sending a wave of shrieks sound across the Park. We all go silent as the lights dim and we wait in great suspense for our K-Man to appear. The sounds of a guitar rings in our ears and not long after the enticing sound of violin sounds over the to the crowd and a silhouette appears on stage, the curls give him away but we all knew who it was anyways.


The sweet, angelic and lulling voice of Kalan Porter fills our ears and as he begins “In Spite Of It All”. We all scream and dance although I was dancing more than I was screaming. LOL


He goes through a few songs ((Old Man, Surrender and others I can’t remember anymore lol but they will come back top me eventually lol. People scream, sing and I wave my cowboy hat around, earning a few smiles in my direction from Kalan lol ))


He begins to tell us the story of when he realized Violin was not just for old people when some rude girl, yells at him that we had already heard that story. Of course I, along with thousands others are furious at her rudeness and I wish I could have thrown her in the river. But anyways, Kalan looks stunned and embarrassed, I could hear someone tell him tell Kalan it was okay and I wave my hat and get his attention. He looks over at my direction and I motion for him to continue and smile. I guess our encouragement worked because he continued like nothing happened. Good for him, bad for her cuz if I ever meet her I’ll throw her in the river. Lol Naw, I’m not THAT mean, but I would have at the time though lol


So anyways, lights flash about, I take many pictures, Kalan sings and looks hawt in his black jacket, green t-shirt and torn jeans. lol He is such an amazing performer and as I watch him sing and work the crowd I realize how far he has come since Canadian Idol. I Also get a kick of how much Derek works the crowd, he is a mean guitar playing machine! Lol!


Kalan finishes the show off with Awake in a Dream, which was amazing. I knew he’d be back for an encore but I decided to head out and see if I could catch him before he left. I never did hear what song he did as an encore. It might have been Devil Down to Georgia (w/e that song is called, I can’t remember lol)…but I’m not sure.


So the show finishes and I wait. More girls are coming but I see Kalan and waves at us but hew immediately after gets into the SUV.  I expected as much since there were so many people. It was dangerous and too crazy for him. Plus I bet he was real tired. I was disappointed and when Jess found me I was almost in tears lo (I’m such a dork). I know it was dumb, but I had worked so hard, and sacrificed a lot in hopes for a chance to meet him, even for a minute and everything was crushed so I hope ya’ll understand how disappointed I was/am.


Now this is where many people get confused. The light came on in the SUV and I could see clearly inside and what he was doing. Many say he was looking for a seatbelt or w/e, but he wasn’t. What was he doing you ask? He was eating wings of some sort! I could see him munching away and I started to laugh lol I’m dead serious!


So eventually the guards clear a path and the SUV drives away honking and we can see Kalan waving as the Gold SUV disappears into the night, along with many fans and other people from the festival. I say goodbye to Jess and go back to my work tent,(where I meet Jeremy Fisher) I change, (Jeremy Fishers sees me do this and I am slightly freaked out lol), and then I hug Connor, my boss and say good bye to everyone. I then hand in my badge, say my last goodbye and go home, reminiscing about the amazing show I just witnessed and was apart of. It was fun, I can say that much. Disappointments, insanity, discomfort and all, it was a blast! The only thing I regret is not finding that girl to throw her in the river and accidentally walking into Kalan’s dressing room, I am glad he was not there because i would have been mortified lol


So that is my re-cap and although it isn’t as detailed as intended and it took along time for me to post it, I hope you all enjoyed it. I also hope it was worth the wait. I know the concert was for me!


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