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1. The info for the community has been edited. That happened probably about a week ago, so just a heads up for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. (And also? I typo like crazy, so kindly let me know if there's any wild mistakes in there. I need my own personal editor.)

2. The very awesome arykah is away at school, so she may not be around much. Thus, that leaves chic_urbanity and I to man the ship. Umm, yeah. That's basically it: any problems or whatever, contact us. (And good luck, Erica!)

And now onto something totally unrelated! (Or at least something slightly more on topic?)

Umm, firstly? sorry the pictures are horrible quality. Just ignore that. And secondly? please keep in mind that I dropped art a couple years ago and this was purely out of boredom.

The sketch.

I probably should've left it like this.

But no, I didn't leave it. At least it's fun using watercolours.

Well, it gave me something to do for a few hours.
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